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About True Revelation

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True Revelation Mixed Martial Arts is a family owned business based in Ottumwa Iowa. 


OTTUMWA MMA 2007-2010


The business initially started in 2007 as Ottumwa MMA. The purpose was to give the youth in our community a more positive environment focusing primarily on troubled youth. The idea was pitched to me by Aaron Garrett who wanted to do this collectively with him, myself and our friend Scott Bradley. Aaron and Scott were both actively competing in local mma events. Ottumwa MMA would become a place for them to not only train but to offer their mma skill set and guidance to others. Aaron and Scott helped kick the project off and then life pulled them in different directions. 


In late 2008 I started discussing putting on an event in Ottumwa. It was a gamble and none of us really knew how to put it all together. I found myself alone on the project. They both supported the idea but I was kind of alone on the pursuit of it. On May 23rd 2009 it all came to fruition. We hosted our very first MMA event. We had nearly 1000 people in attendance. FAR EXCEEDING OUR EXPECTATIONS!


In 2010 we officially closed the gym and were strictly doing mma events. We started branching out, doing events outside of Ottumwa as well. The name Ottumwa MMA no longer seemed appropriate for a promotion that was traveling and also having competitors from all over the midwest. 




When I decided to rename the promotion the first thing I asked myself was “Why did you get into promoting”. The answer- I was tired of the formula other promoters were using. MMA is not about putting two bodies together without any real purpose other than financial gain. MMA is not catering to people who sell the most tickets. MMA IS COMPETITION. We focus heavily on matchmaking athletes based on skill set. When you come to our shows it is about TRUTH. We are not looking for fighters who just want to fight people that we all know they can beat. We are looking for athletes that want to push themselves and test their abilities. The ultimate goal for those competing should be getting to the UFC. 


True Revelation Mixed Martial Arts is:

Bob Jolley - Promoter, Matchmaker

Kari Jolley - Marketing 

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